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Determine visitor movement and identify unwanted visitors immediately with DG,the Smart Visitorbook

For First time visitors

DG verifies visitor’s mobile number, captures the visitor’s photo, Select host details, Send Visitor arrival SMS and Push notification to the Host, Check-in after host confirms the visit.

For recurring visitors

DG automatically pulls the last checkin data of visitor from server and register visitor in less than 5 seconds, Send Visitor arrival SMS and Push notification to the Host.

For expected visitors

DG displays the list of expected guest pre-registered by host. DG registers visitor in less than 2 seconds, Send Visitor arrival SMS and Push notification to the Host.

Your Entrance Lobby is your First Line of Defense, Secure it with DG

DG replaces visitor book with an innovative mobile interface which is a powerful and cost-effective solution for implementing visitor security policies, that closes potential security gaps and improves productivity at lobby entrances. The net result is unprecedentedly good security, with a quick and easy interface that facilitates professional and responsive lobby processing. DG is an effective way to determine visitors and staff movement, identify unwanted visitors, and ensure speedy registration. With astounding benefits like Significantly increased security, Quick identification of unwanted visitors,it ensures to strengthen an organization’s in-place security policies and provide the people working in an organization peace of mind regarding their safety.

Visitor Management on another Level

Gone are the days of dull, confusing, enterprise software. DG has been designed from the ground up to be simple.

Unprecedented Productivity

Host can send invitation to their expected visitors on DG. They can simply check in showing invitation code on phone. DG can be configured to allow visitors to enter their information and take their picture at a kiosk. This registration kiosk includes an android tablet and an optional visitor information center. DG automates the process of notifying the Host of their visitor’s arrival. Notification methods include Dashboard and SMS.

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Manage from the web dashboard

As the DG admin, you’ll use the powerful and intuitive web dashboard to create organization & personal watchlist, Schedule tasks, Pre register visitors & download reports. With the Dashboard, It's easy to search past, present, and pre-registered visitors by day. Or, export a handy CSV spreadsheet of data with one click. Since the dashboard is mobile compatible, you can access it on your phone to account for visitors in case of emergency.

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Security Policies Supported

When visitors overstay their allotted visit time, DG can contact the sponsoring host to confirm the visitor is still authorized to stay on site. Host who have visitors that do not sign out, automatically receive nightly sms notices to remind them of the visitor escorting and sign-out policies. Tracking such activity dramatically improves compliance. Available in Front Desk, Web Center show a list of what visitors are currently signed in, their photo and visitation information.

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DG has the ability to serve almost any business segment

DG is more than just a product, it's the future of visitor registration.

DG implements visitor security policies in large residential campuses.

Mobile application for Security Desk

A. Register and track visitors
B. Live visitor list
C. Check-in by code for event guest,frequent visitors and vehicle
D. Quick check-in for recurring visitors

Web Dashboard & Resident Mobile app

A. View visitor & staff logs
B. Create events and invite guests
C. Create watchlist
D. Custom analytics reports

DG increase productivity and efficiency at front desk

Mobile application for office reception

A. Register, track and generate unique badges for visitors, VIPs, contractors, etc
B. Automatically notify the host when their visitor arrives and confirm the visit
C. Check-in by QR code for employees
D. Custom theme and registration forms

Reception Web Dashboard

A. Add employees manually or importing spreadsheet
B. View Live visitor list
C. Support Sarbanes-Oxley Financial and Accounting Disclosure Act
D. Support workplace safety procedures by filtering ex-employees who should not be allowed back on site

DG restrict access to vulnerable goods and information in manufacturing facillities

Mobile application for security desk

A. Track contractor time on-site
B. Display non-disclosure agreement and capture visitor signature
C. Track incoming and outgoing goods
D. Proactively track for visitors who should no longer be on site

Wed admin Dashboard

A. Filter out unwanted and potentially dangerous visitors
B. Filter for contractors who are no longer authorized to work on site
C. Support C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism) compliance by tracking all visitors and vehicles involved in the supply chain
D. View staff attedence

Guest registration and engagament platform for Hotels

Mobile application for Front desk

A. Guest Registration
B. ID Card scanning
C. Track visitors
D. Guest engagment

Wed admin Dashboard

A. Inventory management
B. Import guest listing
C. Intregation with online booking websites
D. Detailed Data analytics

Pre registration and on site registration tool for Events

Mobile application for registration counter

A. Allow attendees to register themselves
B. Print badges identifying the category of participant - even for late arrivals
C. Pre-print badges and simply scan them upon the visitor’s arrival
D. Check in by QR Code

Wed admin Dashboard

A. Capture demographic information and print badges with nicknames
B. Identify speakers, press, exhibitors, etc. clearly and easily
C. Use the database of visitors to print labels for highly targeted promotional mailings
D. Intregation with Event online ticketing platform

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Enterprise Plan

  • Customized check-in proccess
  • Digital Signange
  • ID Scan
  • ID Tags
  • Notifications
  • Office Directory
  • Self-Registration
  • Pre-Registration
  • Watchlist
  • Two-way Visitor Communication
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Delivery/Vendor Tracking
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Integrated with any CRM/ERP
  • 50+ Language supported

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What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using DG

DG has allowed us to have a smooth and easy sign in process for our Office! We can add as much information to the process as needed, and the visitors are able to sign in with ease.

We installed the equipment and we were up and running in no time at all. With a few hiccups of not knowing the system very well and just some user errors, we were able to use the system within no time of getting everything set up. The customer service has been outstanding during this time and we are hoping to continue the relationship with them.

DG is a great product. Makes signing in to our building a really smooth process. We can customise it to exactly how we would it; we can make the sign in details as intricate and detailed or as minimal as we would like which is great.

We evaluated many options and could have even built something ourselves. However, the product that DG had ready plus the integrations, there was no choice. We have been using DG for about 9 months and have not complaints.

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